Protective Gemstones

healing stonesMalachite is a stone of transformation. It assists one in changing situations. It is an excellent stone for clarifying the emotions. It allows for both the recognition and the release of negative experiences which one cannot recall. It is also used as a protective stone especially by those involved in the field of aviation.

Malachite also encourages progression toward the spiral of infinite wisdom, while providing strength for the journey. As a healing stone, malachite cleanses the auric field and aids the heart, stomach, liver and lungs. It eases migraines, kick-starts the immune system and makes body and mind feel refreshed each new day.

Snowflake Obsidian is the equivalent of the Chinese yin/yang symbol, a representation of the unity of opposites that create life. This stone increases the improve circulation, assist the efficient processing of fat and encourage cells and skin to re-grow healthily. Use it to warm frozen limbs, help blurred vision, soothe migraines and dissolve deep-seated depression.

A stone for clearing your mind, protection, good fortune and it increases clairaudient powers.

Hematite being a protective stone assists in the dissolution of negativity and helps bolster low self-esteem. It also promotes mental attunement and memory enhancement.

Because of the iron found in this mineral it has a strong effect on the blood and the kidney’s blood-cleansing function. It is a powerful stone for self-healing. Placed over a painful place, it will draw out pain, illness, and muscle weakness. Hematite calms racing blood pressure or pulse. Other properties of this stone include tissue regeneration and astral projection.

Jade is a protective stone and will keep its wearer out of harm’s way. Jade also gives it’s energy to anyone it comes in contact with. Because of its ability to soothe the mind, jade makes tasks seem less complicated. It strengthens the cleansing systems and aids in the removal of toxins. The color green represents life or growth. Green jade is very calming to the nervous system.