Lepidolite crystallizes in the form of masses, scale-like aggregates of short prismatic crystals, plate-like layers, and tabular crystals. The color range includes pink-to-purple, yellow, grey, colorless, and white.

It occasionally occurs as a constituent in a six-sided plate-like form of mica. This form, exhibiting the combined colors and energies of the heart and crown chakras, unites the properties of mica with lepidolite to produce limitless uses.

This mineral activates the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the third eye, and the intellect. It also opens the crown chakra and allows for the flowering of the inner blue lotus, assisting one to become aware of the subtle vibratory energies both within and without of the self.

Known as the stone of serenity and peace, lepidolite brings one in a state of deep relaxation and tranquility. Lepidolite can also help one with transitions from one life to another; it facilitates astral travel, assists in birth and re-birthing, and helps one to understand and to cheerfully accept both the departure from the physical realm and the entry to the spiritual dominion.

It can induce the attribute of self-love, bringing a child-like love and acceptance to the user, while allowing for the aspect of trust to flourish. It assists one in openness and honesty, furthering the openness and honesty of those in proximity.

This mineral can assist in the digestion and in the relief of tension and stress related disorders. It can also be used to promote the relaxation of wrinkles {e.g. providing smoothness to the skin}.

It can be used in the treatment of disorders related to tendonitis, leg-cramps, “tight” shoulder muscles, and elimination. It can assist in soothing the nervous system, stabilizing the flow of blood and in calming the heart.