Red Jasper also known as the blood of the earth by the Native North American peoples. Red jasper aids menstrual problems and menopausal difficulties. It aids circulation and can warm cold limbs or aching joints and muscles. It also increases energy and stamina and is good for anemia or toxicity in the blood.

All jaspers, most powerfully red, offer protection against physical threats and psychic attack and also stave off accidents or bad luck. Red jasper will return negative energies to the sender.

Jasper enhances organizational abilities, relaxation and sense of wholeness. It will align the chakras and balance the yin- yang, physical and emotional. It is the stone of protection.

It also offers attunement to animals and will protect you from allergies. Brecciated jasper also will bring happiness and ease stress. It is a good stone to ground oneself and is associated with the root chakra.

Green jasper signifies that new energies are coming into your life and is good for fertility in any way. It balances different aspects of your life and prevents overwork burnout.

Yellow jasper protects you against spiteful neighbors and work colleagues. Use brown jasper to improve your skills and to keep calm while renovating your home or during car maintenance.

Red jasper is sometimes used to help battle diseases of the blood and detoxifying blood-rich organs like the liver. Red jasper stimulates energy. Anyone using jasper will feel a continuity of spirit and body that can vastly improve both work and play.

Leopard skin jasper is the stone of shamanic journeying, a dream like state that enables one to travel to the spirit world where one can meet their power animals or spirit teachers. One can also find answers to problems or discover information and wisdom which can facilitate your personal growth.

Physically it helps eliminate toxins and decrease body odor, and is very helpful in self-healing. It has properties of protecting the third chakra.